Senior Performance Marketing Executive

Ho Chi Minh City   |   Full Time

Job role:

We’re on the lookout for a talented Senior marketing executive to develop and execute marketing strategies to increase awareness and adoption of the product. 

Job Description

- Grow our user base through profitable user acquisition channels by managing and optimizing user acquisition campaigns for our mobile apps

- Constantly track and analyze results to identify optimization opportunities to increase CTR, conversion rate, new user volume, transaction numbers (A/B testing, targeting, creative performance, marketing messages, etc.)

- Oversee the progress of integrating attribution analytics SDKs and take care of the dashboards to ensure marketing optimization decisions are driven by accurate and real data

- Generate detailed spend, performance reports and be able to translate the data into the reports into actionable insights

- Collaborate and work effectively with multiple internal teams (creative design, content, product)

- Stay up to date on latest industry trends, emerging marketing platforms and be capable of building strong relationships with them, especially mobile advertising networks

Knowledge Requirements

- Definition of metrics and their relationship in analyzing digital ad campaigns. (reach & impression, CTR, CVR, CPA, CPM,...)

- Advanced concepts of UA. (retention rate, ARPU, ARPDAU, LTV, IPM, cohort, organic uplift, conversion events, attribution models, predictive models, monetization models, fraud detection...)

- Fundamental concepts of Marketing. (marketing mix, marketing strategy, brand identity, funnel, user journey, A/B testing, cost model,...)

- Fundamental concepts of Business. (profit margin, ROI, break-even point, ROAS, cash flow...)

- Experience in creative production or marketing idea pitching. (brief process, idea proposal, concept, core messages, references,...)

- Fundamental concepts of ASO. (visibility, conversion rate, store kit, keywords, search terms, popularity index, difficulty score, keyword value...)

Skill Requirements

- Good at mathematics

- Fluent in English 

- Excel skills. 

- Experience in setting up and optimizing campaigns on Facebook Ads & Google - Ads or other ad networks

- Experience in using marketing tools. (Google keyword planner, Google - analytics, Appsflyer, Facebook analytics...)

- Experience in using project management tools & frameworks. (Trello, Asana, Jira, Scrum, Kanban,...)

- Experience in using tools to analyze data. (Google Sheet, Data Studio, Power BI,...)


- Logic & analytical thinking

- Self-learning new things via the internet

- Manage to deliver the result in a timely manner

- Creative and independent in problem-solving


- Data-driven mindset

- Carefulness and detail-oriented

- Eager to learn and ready to apply new knowledge/skills

- Optimize an automation mindset

- Passionate in the finance & investment industry and digital marketing

- Highly self-motivation and self-management

About RealStake &

RealStake Pte. Ltd was established in Singapore in 2018 and has subsidiaries in Thailand and Vietnam. Our team includes experts with many years of experience in real estate, finance, and technology.

RealStake is operating platform, an online investment platform that aims to democratize investment. We strive to use technology to disrupt the investment market to bring value and benefits to investors. Team

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